We are a group of Mexican folk artists living in towns throughout Mexico and the USA.

We want to share with you what is behind our traditional art forms, cartonería (papier-mâché), barro (pottery) , textiles, and corn husks, by talking about our cities, our towns, our studios, and our inspiration.

“The origin of this idea began when I realized that my artist friends in Mexico were struggling with the pandemic situation. I know how talented they are, and I know that the world would be interested in knowing more about their art. Our goal with this Collective is to develop a connection between the Mexican folk artists living in Mexico and the Mexican folk artists living in USA, empowering our art through sharing our process, our towns, our inspiration. We think that sharing this with you will be a way to give greater value to our work. We deeply believe that by working together we can show a sample of our cultural diversity and demonstrate that the future is better working in Collective. I moved to the USA in 2019, and I feel so happy of bringing Mexico with me through my art and now through my artist friends’ art.” -Gabriela Marván, papier-mâché artist.

Thank you for supporting us by purchasing a piece of our art or by sharing our webiste with one of your friends.


a Mexican Folk Art Collective Exhibition

119 King St, La Crosse, WI 54601

From September 13th to November 4th, 2023


    Cartoneria (paper Mache)
Alfonso Morales -MEX
Ceci Tejeda -USA
Gabriela Marván -USA
Linares’ Family -MEX
Mario Alberto Martinez Mendez-USA
Raziel Pacheco-MEX
Tania Morales-MEX
    Stained Glass
Rodrigo ‘Mino’ Rivera-MEX
Family Peguero Garcia (Tierra Sagrada Studio)-MEX
Flor Molina -MEX
Gerardo Figueroa-MEX
Samuel Tejeda-MEX
Andrea Muñiz-USA
Nadia Figueroa-MEX
Pedro Netzahualcoyotl-MEX
Rosalina Gutiérrez-MEX
Adam Correa- Acrylic on canvas-USA
Alfonso Hurtado – Linocut-MEX
Gabriela Santos- Etching and Woodcut-USA
Jessica Museica- Acrylic on canvas-USA
Joseph Juarez- Acrylic on canvas-USA
Rodrigo ‘Mino’ Rivera – Photography
Julieta Zavala -Fashion Designer- USA
Ometochtli Mexican Folk Dance- Dance-USA
The Braided Janes-Music-USA


Ryan Rothweiler- Sculpture-USA

Mickey Zarate- Photography-USA
Peter Cozad- Photography-USA
Hanna Hagar- Photography-USA
Natalie Hinahara-Photography-USA

a Mexican Folk Art Collective Open House and presentation

at Pump House Regional Arts Center Teather

119 King St, La Crosse, WI 54601

October 6th, 2023

A Mexican Folk Art Collective artists reception will be held at the Pump House on October 6th from 5:00-6:30 pm, and a performing arts presentation from 6:30-8:00 pm.

Stay tune for more information!

Save the Date

Third Día de Los Muertos Celebration 2023!

The “3rd Annual Driftless Region’s Día de los Muertos Celebration: A Mexican Cultural and Educational Event” will be held at Keewaydin Farms at 15270 Haucke Ln, Viola, WI on Saturday, October 7th, 2023 from 1:00 – 7:00 pm. Hosted by Keewaydin Farms, organized by Driftless Curiosity and the Mexican folk Art Collective. Main collaborators: Pump House Regional Arts Center, McIntosh Memorial Library and Consulado de México en Milwaukee.

This one-day festival offers modalities to honor loved ones and hands-on workshops to engage attendees in Mexican folk art. A Day of the Dead altar or ofrenda is constructed during the festival and attendees are encouraged to bring a photograph of a loved one who has passed away to add to the ofrenda.

Hands-on workshops include: corn husk flowers, a community mural, and nixtamal tortilla-making. Attendees can play a traditional Loteria game with staff from the Consulate of Mexico in Milwaukee and watch a professional Aztec Dance and Catrina performance.

There is no cost for entry and workshops are free at this outdoor event. Donations are appreciated.


Artists accept cash for art purchases. No credit transactions. No ATM available. No pets allowed. Camping available. Contact joy@driftlesscuriosity.org to register for a camping site.

If you are interested in support the event please reach out the comittee to driftlessdiadelosmuertos@gmail.com 

We cannot wait to see you there!

Photo by Solshine productions

On November 1st, at 10 am, a Día de Muertos Ofrenda will be built at the Pump House Regional Arts Center. Join us to see the story of the Día de Muertos event at Keewaydin Farms, to meet the altaristas (artists who design and build Day of the Dead altars), and to know more about this tradition.

Our pieces are on the Exhibition. If you want to purchase one piece from us, please send us a message on the form below:

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