Our Mission

We promote Mexican culture through popular art and traditions to create awareness, empathy, and community between Mexico and the US.

Our Vision

Mexican Folk Art Collective is a bridge and facilitator of cultural educational spaces through folk art and Mexican traditions.

We are a group of artists from different towns in Mexico and Mexican artists living in the USA. Through pottery (barro), cartonería (a traditional technique stronger and smoother than papier-mâché) sculptures and masks, textiles, corn husk creations, fashion design, dance, and music we are happy to share our culture and traditions with you. Some of us work in a family studio, some of us have a traditional heritage passed down from generation to generation, and some of us are experimenting with a combination of traditional and contemporary techniques, but we all respect and appreciate the work of each other.

We want to share with you what is behind our traditional art forms by talking about our cities, our towns, our studios, and our inspiration.

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a Latino Arts, Inc. and Mexican Folk Art Collective Exhibition


From December 8th to February 23th, 2024

In collaboration with the Mexican Folk Art Collective led by Gabriela Marván and special participation by Little Eagle Arts Foundation (LEAF) and Akii Maps, Latino Arts is proud to showcase art-making traditions and mediums from throughout Mexico and First Nations tribes.

This event is FREE and open to the public! To learn more, visit https://www.latinoartsinc.org


Andrea Muñiz-USA
Julieta Zavala-USA
Nadia Figueroa-MEX
Pedro Netzahualcoyotl-MEX
Rosalina Gutiérrez-MEX
Alfonso Hurtado – Linocut-MEX
Gabriela Santos- Etching and Woodcut-USA
Joseph Juarez- Acrylic on canvas-USA
Rodrigo ‘Mino’ Rivera – Photography
    Cartoneria (paper Mache)
Alfonso Morales -MEX
Gabriela Marván -USA
Linares’ Family -MEX
Mario Alberto Martinez Mendez-USA
Raziel Pacheco-MEX
Family Peguero Garcia (Tierra Sagrada Studio)-MEX
Flor Molina -MEX
Gerardo Figueroa-MEX
     Corn Husk
Yesica Coria-USA
Ometochtli Mexican Folk Dance- Dance-USA


Ryan Rothweiler- Sculpture-USA

Mickey Zarate- Photography-USA
Peter Cozad- Photography-USA
Hanna Hagar- Photography-USA
Natalie Hinahara-Photography-USA

Mexican Fiber Arts

Natural Dyes, Traditional Weaving & Embroidery

by Nadia Figueroa, and Andrea Muñiz

April 19th-21

Driftless Curiosity Inc.
15270 Haucke Ln
Viola, WI 54664


This unique 3-day offering is a collaboration between the Mexican Folk Art Collective and Driftless Curiosity – the organizations who brought you the Driftless Region’s Día de Muertos Celebration. Nadia Figueroa, Andrea Muñiz, will lead workshops on natural dyes and traditional weaving. On Friday, they will use dried marigold petals from the 2023 Dia de Muertos Celebration, as well as other natural dyes like walnut, indigo, and grana cochinilla, to teach color recipes that have been passed down for generations in Mexico. On Saturday and Sunday, they will teach two simple designs using traditional weaving techniques and embroidery. Each participant will go home with a piece they create. Nadia is a fashion designer from Mexico City who specializes in “slow fashion” and has dedicated her time to researching the original dye recipes of the Florentine Codex from the Central part of Mexico. These artists will collaborate to share their expertise in Mexican Fiber Arts. Instruction will be given in Spanish and translated into English, with multiple translators available to assist throughout the weekend, making this offering a great language immersion experience as well!

Natural Dyes Only

Mexican Fiber Arts Full Weekend
4/19/24 – 4/21/24


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