We are a group of Mexican folk artists living in towns throughout Mexico and the USA.

We want to share with you what is behind our traditional art forms, cartonería (papier-mâché), barro (pottery) , textiles, and corn husks, by talking about our cities, our towns, our studios, and our inspiration.

“The origin of this idea began when I realized that my artist friends in Mexico were struggling with the pandemic situation. I know how talented they are, and I know that the world would be interested in knowing more about their art. Our goal with this Collective is to develop a connection between the Mexican folk artists living in Mexico and the Mexican folk artists living in USA, empowering our art through sharing our process, our towns, our inspiration. We think that sharing this with you will be a way to give greater value to our work. We deeply believe that by working together we can show a sample of our cultural diversity and demonstrate that the future is better working in Collective. I moved to the USA in 2019, and I feel so happy of bringing Mexico with me through my art and now through my artist friends’ art.” -Gabriela Marván, papier-mâché artist.

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