Adam Correa

Milwaukee, USA

I am the product of migration. Using art to create feeling and engagement is a tradition that has been passed down to me.  Family and culture created the canvas of my identity.  My grandma was from Guadalajara, Jalisco and my Grandpa was from Crystal City, Texas, and they migrated to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which is where I became identified as a graffiti artist.  Woven into the fabric of my graffiti upbringing was Mexican culture.  Because graffiti existed heavily in Mexican-populated areas of Milwaukee, it seemed to be a Mexican thing to do.  

I do the majority of my mural work alongside my brother, Julian, and we migrated away from each other many times. Upon migrating back to each other, we were able to expand our knowledge and artistic skills. Both he and I have worked in a handful of factories and industrial occupations. We have been chosen by the world to be the artist representative of a working-class, street culture. Painting murals for Dia de los Muertos is a gateway to honor my ancestors by creating feelings and engagement for others to enjoy. 

“Vuelo”, Mural in Milwaukee, in collaboration with Gabriela Marván, Joseph Juárez and Ryan Rothweiler.

Body paint for an artistic collaboration with Ometochtli Mexican Folk Dance, at the Villa Terrace Museum in Milwaukee.

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