Peguero García Studio

Atzompa, Oaxaca

My entire family works together in our pottery studio in Santa Maria Atzompa Oaxaca, a town near the Monte Albán pyramids in Oaxaca. You can feel our Peguero García hardworking lifestyle and at the same time our passion for our work.

We make traditional natural, red pottery with glazed and painted decorations. We contribute toward preserving our tradition through new designs in our art. The Peguero García studio has continued from generation to generation, starting with Mrs. Teodora Blanco Núñez, an artist who created the technique of  red pottery with pastillage, through her art, creating the monumental sculptures of sellers, nahuales, musicians, mermaids, nativities, angels, etc. Now we have in the family the third generation of pottery artists.

Peguero García’s daughter, Leticia García Blanco, was awarded the Pantaleón Panduro award in 2017. She and her husband are part of the second generation of potters.

The third generation is formed by their four children. One of them, Fernando Peguero, is a visual artist who was awarded the National Youngness Award in 2014 and the National Pottery Award in 2019 in Mexico.

The process of making a piece is very long and hard,  We begin by getting soil from the mines. Then we prepare the clay over fifteen days before we start modeling our pieces and burning them in a traditional wood kiln. It takes more or less one or two months to complete a piece, and sometimes even more depending on the piece.

The meaning of our pieces comes from our roots and Oaxaca essence.  Each piece reflects our culture, legends, and traditions.

This pottery studio is known nationally and internationally for its innovation of new techniques and designs that improve the quality of our work.

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