Alex Lira

Huamantla, Tlaxcala

I consider myself as the bearer of the Huamantla Tlaxcala carpet tradition, a collective ephemeral art in which I have actively participated all my life, and since 2007 I was recognized by the community as Carpet Master, a legacy of my father, the Carpet Master and artist José “Pepe” Lira. From then on I maintain my participation in the local tradition and have carried out works in different places in the country and abroad with the vision of “preserving, rescuing, disseminating and promoting carpeting as an expression of ephemeral art that explores popular and collective art , to create works that transmit messages of the culture, the environmental and social environment of a community”.

In 2014 I created the concept of the Mexican Carpet Artists, a civil society collective, which, based on the expression of carpet design, develops projects of cultural management that are manifested in works that transform the space as a possibility of encounter, coexistence, exchange, appropriation and imagination.

As a professional training, I am an architect graduated from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and completed an specialty and master’s studies in the postgraduate unit of Design, Planning and Conservation of Landscapes and Gardens at the CYAD Azcapotzalco at the Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM).

My work has focused on developing comprehensive concepts of architecture, landscape architecture, urban design and thematic architecture, I have also ventured into other branches of design with his excellent graphic ability to express ideas. I direct since 2005 Estudio Lira. Multidisciplinary work space dedicated to developing comprehensive design concepts always seeking to respond to aesthetic, social and environmental needs to which he now integrates his work as a “Maestro alfombrista”.

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