We started last summer (2020) the first workshop in Collaboration with the McIntosh Memorial Library in Viroqua and the Consulate of Mexico in Milwaukee.  Through these activities we want to connect with you showing the process of some of our techniques and traditions. We hope you like them and have fun. Some videos are open to all family members so Youtube don’t let to add comments in order to children safety. Please let us know if you are interested in a particular workshop or talk. 

Corn Husk Flower Workshop

by Yesica Coria 

Join Mexican folk artist, Yesica Coria, from her home studio in Milwaukee, WI, USA. In this workshop, Yesica teaches attendees from around the world about Totomoxtle Folk Art! Totomoxtle is how the corn husk is called in Mexico. 

Participants receive instructions about how to use corn husks to make beautiful flowers!


Traditional and Contemporary Pottery

by Fernando Peguero

Folk Art Collective in collaboration with McIntosh Viroqua Library and Consulado de México in Milwaukee present this time the studio of Mexican folk artist, Fernando Peguero, and his family’s traditional Oaxacan pottery. Translation provided by Ms. Gabriella Marvan.

Artisans From Copalillo, Mexico

by Angélica Carrillo

We are highly active in this incredibly interesting Folk Art Collective Mexican Folk Artist presentation in beautiful Copallilo, Mexico! Now available for you to watch!

Viva la Cartonería

by Alfonso Morales

Mexican folk artist Alfonso Morales presents his sculptural cartoneria art! He discusses the history of this art and how it is now thriving in Mexico. He demonstrates the process of how to build a very large, parade-size, cartoneria. Meet his family members who also are cartoneros (artists of paper)!

A Sculptor’s Life

by Flor Molina 

Mexican artist, Flor Molina, welcomes us into her home and art studio to view her art and hear about her passion for high temperature sculpture! Please note, that Flor’s art sculptures depict the female physical, anatomical, form. Talks in collaboration with McIntosh Memorial Library and Consulado de Mexico en Milwaukee.

Ometochtli Bilingual Mexican Folk Dance

by Ometochtli 

Ven y aprende cultura Mexicana a través del baile folklore mexicano de diferentes regiones del país.
Las clases están dirigidas para niños de 5-9 años.
La clase será cada jueves a las 5:00 PM y durará 35 minutos vía ZOOM. Todos los niveles de baile y español son bienvenidos y la clase será 100 % en español.
Fecha de inicio: 4 de Febrero 2021 (si eres nuevo pueden unirse en cualquier fecha). Se puede tomar una clase muestra antes de decidir si seguirán en el grupo o no.
Hora: 5:00 PM (central time)
Día: Jueves
Lugar: Vía ZOOM (se proporcionará el link por medio de la página de Facebook)
Costo: Gratuito. Se aprecian donaciones.
Cada sesión será de 6 clases. Una clase por semana.
En total serán 6 semanas con descanso de una semana y se inicia la siguiente sesión de otras 6 semanas.
La clase de danza incluirá trabajo de coordinación, enfoque, ritmo, historia, dinámicas y técnicas de danza folclórica.
¡Las clases son divertidas y energéticas!
Necesitas un paliacate (bandana) y ropa cómoda para moverse. Las niñas necesitan falda, cualquier tipo de falda para iniciar esta bien.
—————————English version
Come and learn Mexican culture through Mexican folk dance from different regions of the country.
Age 5-9 years old.
Class will be every Thursday at 5:00 PM and it will last for 35 minutes via ZOOM. It is open for all levels and it will be in Spanish. Spanish learners are welcome!
Start date: February 4th , 2021 (if you are new you can join us any day). Please, feel free to try your first lesson before deciding to join the group.
Time: 5 PM (central time)
Day: Thursday
Place: Via ZOOM (we will share the link on our Facebook page)
Price: Free. Donations are appreciated.
Each session would be 6 classes, one class each week.
The session will last 6 weeks, one class each week. Then, we will have one week off to start a second session of 6 weeks.
Dancing class will involve coordination, focus, rhythm, history, dynamics, and folk dance techniques.
Classes are fun and energetic!
You will need a bandana, comfortable clothes to move and girls will need a skirt. Any type of skirt would work for now.

Weaving with Natural Dyes

by Peter Netzahualcoyotl | Netzahualcoyotl studio

From Tlaxcala, Mexico, this is a talk with Peter Netzahualcoyotl. He shows the process that he uses for his textiles. His traditional techinique come from four generations  before him. See how to get vibrant colors using natural dyes.

Pinatas Workshop

by Gabriela Marván

This is a two-session pinata workshop. You will learn how to make a trditional pinata and learn some of the history!

The needed supplies:

  • balloon
  • flour
  • water
  • different colors of tissue paper (suggested  6 to 7 different colors)
  • decorated paper
  • scholar cardboard
  • scissors
  • masking tape
  • white or transparent glue
  • transparent tape

Have fun!!

Special Thanks

McIntosh Memorial Library

The McIntosh Memorial Library has been the host of these workshops and talks. They are an important part of the culture in Viroqua, Wisconsin.

Let us know your interests for further workshops