Familia Morales

Tlatenchi, Morelos

Tania Morales (daughter) and Alfonso Morales (father) are part of this collective.
“My name is Alfonso Morales Vázquez, and I am a cartonero (artist of papier-mâché).  I live in Tlatenchi, Jojutla community. I make cartoneria (papier-mâché). I began working in this technique 16 years ago.
¡Viva la cartonería!”
“Alfonso Morales, farmer, poet, elementary school teacher, and artist of paper (cartonero), has participated in the monumental alebrijes parade in Mexico.” -Héctor Martínez.

“My name is Tania Morales, fourteen years ago I started to work cartonería, helping my dad with his monumental alebijes. After some years I also started to do my own alebrijes. Then, I started teaching in some workshops in some rural communities and schools. Since 2017 I am a full-time artist of cartoneria, I mainly design dolls, catrinas, and some jewelry. It has been a difficult way because sometimes I don’t sell my pieces, but one year ago I decided to open my Instagram account and I have met more people interested in my work.”

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