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Contla de Juan Cuamatzi, Tlaxcala

I am an artist and nahua weaver from the center of Mexico (nahua is a group of Native Americans originally associated with the ancient Aztec people). My brother Ignacio and I (Pedro) belong to the fifth generation of weavers in our family.  My family began working in the hand-loom arts in 1898. Since that time, my family family has carried this tradition from generation to generation. Our techniques are based on natural process and dyes.  

On December 2020,  this conversation was part of the Folk Art program. We organized it and collaborated with the McIntosh Memorial Library and the Consulate of Mexico in Milwaukee. You can see here the process that I use for my textiles and natural dyes. This traditional techinique came from four generations  before me. See how to get vibrant colors using natural dyes.

We use flowers, nuts, and different natural elements to give color to our textiles. We create our own thread using cotton and wool. These techniques have been practiced by our ancestors since the 16th century.

I always care about preserving the traditional handmade process and about nature.  I can spend weeks or moths on each of my pieces, depending on the design and colors.

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