RCL: “Making Traditions in Paper”

Tenextepango, Morelos

We are a team of two artists: Raziel Pacheco and Víctor Cruz. Our studio name is RCL: “Elaborando Tradiciones en Papel”  (RCL: “Making Traditions in Paper”). We have been working in cartoneria and papier-mâché for more than 12 years. We got this knowledge from our family. It has been passed from generation to generation. We are from Tenextepango, a small town in Ciudad Ayala, Morelos, México.

Our pieces show the feel and color of our roots, our traditions, and folk art.

We care about the environment, recycling some materials in our special pieces.

For our monumental pieces we use a reed structure that we get from a plant called carrizo. We get this material near the river, but we need to be careful of the snakes when we go there.

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