Rosalina Gutiérrez

Ixtenco, Tlaxcala

My name is Rosalina Gutiérrez, founder of the colective Casa Tierra Yuhmu in Ixtenco, Tlaxcala, where I teach to more women how to do this traditional embroidery: bordado de pepenado.


I am artisan by heritage. I learned this technique when I was 11 years old. My community is an Otomí culture (indigenous group from Mexico) and we represent the cosmo vision that our ancestors left to us through our embroidery: flowers and animals from the Malintzin  or Matlalcueyetl (the woman of the blue skirt) mountain. This mountain has been sacred to our town, who is the guardian of us, who give us water and life to those who trust in her.


All my life I have been doing embroidery, for me, for my town, for everyone, showing the beauty of this art. Having on one piece what we are, our Yuhmu identity, our roots and traditions, taking on my hands and in my heart this heritage, makes me feel a seed woman and has let me teach and preserve this technique that for a lot of years was hidden. Today I am very proud of what I am and what is my day to day, living between threads and fabrics is all what I love, do embroidery flowers, animals, ways and landscapes of our Malintzin.


Soy Tierra, Soy Yuhmu


As an artisan, the education


As a woman, the empowerment


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